Business Opportunity

We offer a 100 % risk free business opportunity

NO staff, NO stock & NO premises

NO expensive start up kit

Excellent commission structure, bonuses & awards.

With hard work and dedication, you can start to earn passive income and  in time become financially free.

You are fully in control of your business and your business can be inherited by your beneficiary when you pass away.

  • You have your own personal log-in web page where you can monitor your business.
  • Commission payment is strictly on the 20th of each month.
  • Product and Business Training are available.

If you are interested in the Business Model, please contact CareCard Head Office and they will gladly assist you.

Please make sure that after you have seen a full CareCard Member Introduction Presentation and have discussed the remuneration plan in detail with the person who introduced you to the business, that you DO understand the plan fully.  There is nothing worse than having a false understanding and expectations.

Passive Income – There is a simpler way 

Earn Sustainable Extra Income and make it Your Business for a Lifetime