The Team

The CareCard Team Structure

CareCard PMB (Pty) Ltd is Head Office in charge of the general management and administration of the business, as well as all member’s enquiries.

Stan Carruthers                                                Managing Director

Jason Bingham                                                 Executive Director  – Operations

Amanda Elliot Office                                        Administrative Assistant & Member Liaison

Nonjabulo Dladla & Zama Gcabashe             Data Capturers & Field Assistants

Here is what they have to say about this unique opportunity:


CareCard Executive Director – Operations

Back in our early days I was involved with the office management side of the business and the concept of network marketing did present a change for me. I was not sold at the time on the idea and couldn’t see the bigger picture.  Then you meet people who look at the world through different eyes, who have a vision and don’t let anything blur that vision and the doors start opening, the vision became a reality and today I am proud to be part of this life changing proudly South African business opportunity.   I resolved very early on in this business that I would always try and deliver the best service to our members and after hearing a colleague in a heated argument with a consultant from an insurance firm, this only intensified my desire to be the ‘go to person’.  CareCard’s involvement with charity has become an institution on its own.  Many charities rely on this funding and the thanks go to each member who became involved and is now part of this legacy.  I am confident that you will achieve huge success in this business  through your progress from one League to the next.  You are the future leaders of our business.


Diamond League – Vaal River Circle

Most  people believe that financial freedom means to have money.  What it actually means is to have money and time together to spend with your family and doing what you love to do without any burdens.  There are many options to obtain financial freedom but with CareCard you contribute to the charity of your choice, enjoy excellent membership benefits for you and your family and you have the opportunity to start your risk-free business that can lead you to financial freedom.  We all are busy but with an additional 3 hours of your time per week you can start building your passive income to ensure financial freedom for you and your family.  I am convinced that it is God’s will that each of us should live a successful life and that we should grow every day to become better than we currently are.  CareCard has given me the  opportunity to live my dreams to care for the less fortunate while presenting this unique business opportunity to others.  My success in this business is to walk in faith with my dedicated team, the support from Head Office and to never give up.  You can also be part of our success.